Unleashing European Innovations for the Metaverse

This study resonates with our aspirations for a Europe at the forefront of metaverse development. It charts a course towards innovation leadership that we hope will inspire national governments and European institutions into action.

LSE Policy Brief

Authored by LSE Consulting

Concluding recommendations

An EU industrial policy supporting a European innovation and industrial network for the metaverse

Thanks to its R&D leadership and existing clusters in many related areas – including photonics, micro-LEDs, materials, semiconductors (including sensors and ASICs) and mobile infrastructure – Europe is on the verge of becoming the global industrial hub to build the next iteration of the web.

Secure access to researchers and skilled workforce in Europe

An immersive industrial cluster will contribute to specialised internet engineering expertise in Europe. While national and regional governments must support engineering and research education programmes more broadly, immersive technologies can also make these programmes more attractive.

Help to foster demand, scale and promote a genuinely open environment

Scale is necessary for EU innovations to be competitive and commercially viable. While the metaverse and Web 4.0 have many industrial applications, the internet will remain a mass-market application. To promote of inclusive environment capable of competitive innovation and widespread technological adoption.

Case Studies

Examples of some European use cases